Olivia Munn in J Brand

The newest Daily Show Correspondent, Olivia Munn takes time to stand up for animals. Olivia joined PETA to protest Barnum & Bailey circus in LA. Olivia wore a shirt which read “Free The Elephants Boycott the Circus” to protest the cruel treatment of the elephants in the Circus.

Olivia also wore a pair of J Brand’s 910 skinny jeans in Ink and brightly colored sneakers. Olivia has been spotted in J Brand a few times before, but most recently, wearing a pair of wide-legged Lovestory jeans. Buy J Brand jeans at Boutique To You and you can buy them at Singer22 too.


  1. I like that a celebrity is finally wearing sneakers! As much as I love heels and flats and whatnot, it’s nice to see something worn that’s not always so glammed up. Although I like the kicks, I’m not sure about wearing them with skinnies. It’s a hard if not impossible look to execute. What do you think?

  2. Sometimes I try to wear my chuck taylors with skinny jeans and it looks like my feet are boats. It’s not my favorite look but they are cute!