Miley Cyrus in William Rast and Ashley Greene in American Eagle

Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene were spotted with a friend on set of their new movie LOL: Laughing Out Loud in Detroit, Michigan. Miley was wearing a pair of olive green William Rast Leggings and Ashley was wearing a pair of American Eagle Shorts. I wonder what this movie is about. It seems like it will be a more mature role for Miley. I like the patch inserts on the inside of the jeans. It kind of gives them an edgier look. But, I’m not to keen on Ashley’s look here. It just has too much going on with the hairstyle, hair accessories, and fishnets. It is a bit to ’80s meets ’50s for me.

I really love the olive green denim trend. I am really excited that the trend is kicking off because it will just make them more accessible. I think it is a better take on the khaki trend, due to it being my favorite color. What do you readers think of the trend? Are you readers also a fan?


  1. hmm i like it , i think his trend gives denim a whole new direction ,now denim is more than those classic blues
    n i love j brands houlihan cargo pants , they look so edgy

  2. I thought she (Miley) didn’t like all that Twilight shebang.

    Okay, about the outfits, I’ll have to ask Ashley, “What were you thinkin’, girl? You know you can do better than that!” Regardless of what other people think, this isn’t the best of Ashley and she darn well knows it.

  3. XOXOX! The two Selena and Kristen are my favoritie idol. I really like you equally a lot!!! Kiss!! Kiss!! Specifically Selena Gomez.. I can be finding crazy not having watching her in my existence after in a lifetime.