Lindsay Lohan in Goldsign Denim Leggings

Lindsay Lohan wore her favourite Goldsign Zebra denim leggings in Motif as she made her way through the metal detectors at The Beverly Hills courthouse in California earlier today. Lindsay has begun her 90 day jail sentence right now and I can’t tell how she looks behind those sunglasses in these snaps as she always pouts. Lindsay had reported to the court this morning and her dad shouted ‘I love you Lindsay’ as she got cuffed and led away to do her time behind bars. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have also done time in this jail.

Lindsay looked good in her outfit though! I’m glad we got these last pictures of her as we wont see her now for a long time. I love the boots and the top with the leggings! Although her underwear is kind of visible through the fabric. What do you think about Lindsay being put in jail anyway? Buy these leggings at Shopbop for $154.

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  1. At least Lindsay’s outfit is trying to imply that even though she’s going to jail, I won’t waste 5 minutes of my time looking unfashionable before I submit myself. Just saying.

    I love her shoes, though. Too bad she had to turn them over before she gets into the orange jumpsuit.

  2. Personally I would put her in jail and throw away the key for at least 3 or 4 years or more because I’m not the only one who thinks she should start to behave herself, she seems to be a spoiled, junky and self-destructed person and driving being drunk is a serious thing, you can kill people.