Leighton Meester in AG Cargo Pants

Leighton Meester was caught on the set of Gossip Girl wearing a pair of AG Adriano Goldschmied skinny cargo pants in Fatigue Green with some lace up heels and a loose shirt. I actually really love this outfit! It looks so comfortable but it looks really good at the same time. Leighton has great style on and off set!

With so many cargo pants around at the moment, which are your favourite ones? I’m yet to try these AG skinny cargos but they do look really cute! I always find there are small unique details you need to look for that sets all the cargo pants aside from each other. What do you think of Leighton’s outfit? I have a pair of black wedges very similar to her heels. Buy these pants at Boutique To You for $198.


  1. I saw these in a store, but they didn’t have my size so I couldn’t try them on. So I don’t know about the fit. But they looked more loose-fitting in person. Do you know if they’re meant to be fitted or loose? All the pictures I see look very fitted, but they didn’t look that way in person.

  2. CARGO PANTS IS FUCKING UGLY, geez, girls shouldn’t be allowed to post on others girls outfits, as a guy, that have talked about this to MANY other guys, this looks like shit. The easiest hottest outfit for a woman is skin-tight jeans, nothing wears better on the ass and legs like that

  3. Jake, a lot of the time girls don’t dress to impress guys, we dress the way we do because we like how it looks, I know most guys like to stare at women’s assets that’s why they prefer women in tight clothes but a lot of the time women just want to be comfy and wear what they like to wear. Skinny cargo pants do look good in most peoples opinion, when worn right they can look really sexy 🙂