Kristin Cavallari in Black Orchid

Kristin Cavallari wore the tiniest pair of shorts while she was seen filming an episode of The Hills in Los Angeles, California last week. She was wearing Black Orchid’s Black Star Mini Shorts in Snow White with heels and a cropped sweater. I think these shorts are really cute! Kristin rocks them and she definitely has the legs to make them work! They are too short for me though, I don’t think I could pull those off at all!

Over here in the UK The Hills is aired later than in the US so I am quite a lot of episodes behind I think, but what does everyone think of all the drama? I’ve kind of gone off of it, I used to really like it but now it’s just too catty and too much going on. I prefer The City now, I love that so much more because you get an insight as to what it’s like at a magazine company like Elle! I love Elle! Buy Black Orchid denim at Boutique To You.

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  1. any idea where her shoes are from? i have been looking everywhere for a good picture of them but now i can’t find them

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