Kellan Lutz in Joe’s Jeans

Kellan Lutz was all smiles as he left dinner at BOA Steakhouse with family in tow in Beverly Hills, CA on July 14, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

Kellan Lutz was spotted with a friend outside BOA Steakhouse in Beverley Hills, California. He was wearing a pair of Joe’s Brixton jeans in King wash. I like these jeans on Kellan, they fit him very well. I think the Twilight cast actually has great style. They are all individual, but really know how to put clothes together. I wonder if it is the use of a stylist or just great style?

I wonder if they will bring Kellan back on 90210. It seemed like his role was going to be a regular in the beginning but I guess Twilight got in the way (which was obviously the better choice). Would you readers like to see Kellan back on the show? Or do you readers remember seeing him on there? You can purchase these jeans at Joe’sJeans for $158.

Image Courtesy of PicApp (not to be copied and used by others)


  1. Kellan sure does know how to make SEXY walk on the streets… LOL

    He’s just so stylish and so gorgeous… more gorgeous than Taylor Lautner, though. Anyway, the whole outfit is good. 🙂 Even if Kellan wore a sack to a restaurant, he’d still make the sack look like it’s worth $300. Just saying.

  2. The wash: sexy! The fit: sexy! I love the way they ride low on his hips. I’m not a fan of Twilight, but I think Kellan seems like the best person overall out of ALL the cast members. The look of this outfit is so clean and simple. It’s gorgeous, although I do wish he would’ve nixed the necklace and the hat. Well, maybe the hat could stay…

  3. I have to agree with The Fashion Suggestion, though. Kellan is like a walking sexy. Haha!

    Although not hotter than Robert, but he’s got a body that will drive every woman crazy.