Hilary Duff in Gap

Hilary Duff was seen making her way to the Byron & Tracey salon in Beverly Hills, California last week. She left the salon with a brand new curly hairstyle which I love on her! I really like having curly hair, it makes you feel more girly! Hilary was wearing a casual white tank top with a pair of grey Gap skinny jeans and some cute flats. Does anyone know who makes those shoes? They are very chic!

Even though Hilary’s style is normally always casual, she always looks so fresh and fashionable. She normally opts for comfy jeans and shorts but it’s the way she accessorizes it with big earrings, a pretty bag and cute shoes. I love her effortless looks. She is looking a little slimmer lately too, it must be all of those gym visits! I hope she doesn’t get too thin again, she looks so beautiful with her natural curvy body shape, she’s such a pretty lady. Buy these jeans at Gap for only $69.50.