Halle Berry in Rockstar

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry were spotted traveling to South Africa together. Our other blogger, Jonathan noticed that Halle was wearing her Rockstar Cargos again. The former couple was spotted with Nahla as they made their way through the LAX Airport terminal. Halle is getting ready to work on a new movie called “Dark Tide” and needed Gabriel along if she wanted to take Nahla during the shoot.

The insider previously told press, “Halle and Gabriel are being civil and making it work purely for the sake of Nahla. Gabriel is moving to South Africa because they couldn’t work out who should have custody of Nahla while Halle was working there.” The source added, “In the end they decided it would work best if Gabriel went with her and then they could both be with Nahla. There’s no chance of them getting back together though, it is definitely over between them. All they are concerned about now is the welfare of their daughter. They both love her more than anything and will do all they can to keep her happy.” Why can’t more parents be like that?! But I do wonder what will happen once either of them find a new significant other… You can buy these cargos here.