G-Star’s New Advertising Campaign & Raw World Chess Challenge!

I’m really pleased to announce with you, hot off the press yesterday, G-Star’s new advertising campaign and they are also organizing a world chess challenge!!!! How exciting is that? You can all take part as well! Please read all of the information below and I hope you enjoy a few of the images.

G-Star’s Fall/Winter 2010 advertising campaign, shot by celebrated photographer Anton Corbijn, combines the intelligence of Norwegian chess prodigy, Magnus Carlsen, with the beauty of model and actress, Liv Tyler.

This combination of contrasting and unexpected elements is one of G-Star’s key philosophies, displayed in runway shows, where destroyed denim pants are often paired with tailored jackets from the Correct Line range; and where iconic and fearless performers, such as Benicio Del Toro, interrupt proceedings to deliver spoken-word pieces in a form of ÔÇÿart-hijack.’

Already the world chess number one and described as a ÔÇÿMozart of chess,’ Carlsen has the potential to become a similar level of icon. Becoming a Grandmaster at the age of 13 years and 148 days, Magnus is the youngest player in history to achieve the number one rank and his uncompromising approach to the game mirrors G-Star’s own hardcore design philosophy.

Hollywood actress Tyler perfectly embodies the modern G-Star woman’s combination of toughness with controlled sensuality. Her striking looks and assured, independent style have made her a globally recognized model and fashion icon. Liv returns for her second G-Star campaign, having previously presented the elegant Low-T capsule-collection.

The G-Star Raw World Chess Challenge!

In support of the Fall/Winter 2010 advertising campaign, G-Star will travel to the Cooper Square Hotel in New York City on September 10th 2010, to host a global chess competition: The RAW World Chess Challenge. This challenge gives everyone in the world the opportunity to play Magnus Carlsen, together at once, live on the internet. How exciting is that?

The RAW World Chess Challenge is offering Magnus the opportunity to prove that he truly is the world’s best chess playerÔǪ but only if he can beat the entire world first! More information on the RAW World Chess Challenge can be found on: g-star.com/rawchess


  1. This is a brilliant move by G-Star. Rather than a mere model or some celebrity who is famous-for-being-famous, Magnus carries the utterly unique aura of his fantastic abilities and achievements. Chess may not be an arena that many people know in detail, but everybody knows enough to respect it. Ideas, terms and images from the game have long been presented in all media as proxies for intelligence, complexity, creative strategy and exacting performance under pressure. Compared to feeble chess imagery that we see so often in ads, those concepts are underscored so much more sharply by presenting the miraculously young world’s best player. G-Star may have been the first to leverage Magnus in this way, but they surely will not be the last.

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