Denim Review: Raven Denim Shorts in Spirit

Sorry I didn’t get chance to do a denim review last week! I try to do one every week for you readers but sometimes it’s not possible, I also haven’t included laid down images of the shorts either, just modeled photos. This weeks review is on the Raven Denim cut off boyfriend shorts in Spirit wash. Halle Berry has also been spotted in these shorts in a different wash!

I got these shorts a little while ago (not knowing what to expect as I have never tried Raven Denim before) and I was very suprised! The fit is really good! I wasn’t expecting them to fit as nice as they do as I am always apprehensive about trying new brands as I tend to stick to what works for me and what I like. The pocket placement on these is in the perfect place! It’s always so important to get the pockets in the correct place on the butt as it makes such a different to how jeans fit you. I also love that you can see the pocket lining under the hem of the shorts, I always think that’s cute!

I don’t like jeans or shorts that are really branded so I am pleased with the Raven Denim logo just being a little R on the top right of the right back pocket. It’s unique and you can tell they are Raven Denim when you see this logo but it’s not invasive. Two things I would like to alter if possible, to fit my body and likes more, is the leg opening and the shade of the wash. The leg opening I find a little too big and a little too heavy, I would feel better in these shorts if the denim was a little thinner around the hem as it can get a little puffy. The wash also is a little too light for my taste, it’s a pretty wash but I would love it even more if it was a couple of shades darker or some distressing was put on this wash at the front instead, that would make them perfect!

Overall Opinion
I actually really like these shorts and I am very impressed with Raven Denim. Since I hadn’t tried them before I am really pleased with how well they fit! They are very flattering and so cute! I hope we see a lot more celebs in these shorts and jeans from the brand too! Buy these shorts at National Jean Company for $153.

Images courtesy of Lorna/DenimBlog (please credit if used) and shorts courtesy of Raven Denim.

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