Denim Review: Black Orchid Black Devil Zipper Jeans In Thunder

This weeks review is on the Black Orchid Black Devil Zipper skinny jeans in Thunder. I have had these quite a long time and a few of you have been asking for a review on them.

When I first saw these jeans on celebs like Kristin Cavallari and I saw the wash in their regular jeggings as well, I fell in love. The wash is definitely a very pretty blue, it’s gorgeous! The wash is my favourite part of these jeans actually. These are a little loose on me as I didn’t originally know that Black Orchid jeans tend to run a little big. The fabric content of these is a bit of a problem for me because I have this intolerance to polyester in jeans as it’s really itchy, it makes me feel funny and it’s not very comfortable. Since these have polyester in I don’t find them all that comfy to wear but that is only my personal preference. Many others don’t have any irritation to polyester at all, I just have very sensitive skin, so they will probably be fine for you readers.

My other concern with these jeans is the back pockets. I am really all about having the most flattering back pockets on my jeans, I like them to be in the perfect position and the perfect shape. With Black Orchid jeans I find they don’t fit my butt that well, my butt tends to stick out a bit and the pockets don’t seem to flatter it very much. The pockets look amazing on Kristin Cavallari, Ellen Pompeo and others though, they can really rock the narrower pockets that they have. Just for me I find them to not work as well but I am very fussy when it comes to my jeans. I like my pockets to be a little more wider.

Other than those 2 points, I really like the jeans. I definitely don’t want to put them down as they are a design that I really love. The zipper detail on the back pockets is incredibly cute and adds a nice edge to the jeans, the ankle zips really make them different to a lot of jeans because it adds a uniqueness to them. I also really like the button and the tags they come with. Also, like I said above, the wash is very beautiful, it’s such a deep rich blue and it’s very pretty! Maybe if I had them one size smaller and they had no poly in I would love them so much! But again, like I mentioned, I am very fussy when it comes to my jeans and that’s just my personal preference in fabric, haha. Many others adore them! Buy these jeans at Singer22 for only $136 and buy these jeans at Boutique To You for $135.

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Jeans courtesy of Black Orchid.


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