Chris Hemsworth in Dockers and Levi’s

Comic-Con, the land of wonders. Well it makes me wonder about how people come up with the costumes. Chris Hemsworth was spotted at the event in San Diego, California. He wore a chambray shirt by Dockers and a pair of Levi’s 511 (the best fit) in Rigid Jetty for press for his new movie Thor. Chris was also spotted wearing another pair of Levi’s for the unveiling of The Avengers cast. He wore their 514 in Tazer Black.

Did you know that Chris beat out his brother Liam, yes Miley Cyrus’ boyriend, for the role of Thor? I wonder how much taunting Liam got after he lost to his brother. Natalie Portman also stars in the movie based on the Thunder God. You can click here to purchase his Levi’s 511 jeans at UrbanOutfitters for $54 and click here to purchase the 511 at Macy’s for $36.99.

One Comment

  1. You would think that really Liam Fox would find many things more important to do with his time than complaining about a video game. People are dying for real, for God’s sake, isn’t that kind of a priority?