Charlize Theron in Nobody Denim

Next to join the Nobody Denim Club is Charlize Theron. She wore a pair of their Empire Tube jeans in Reno after a work out. It seems like we only spot Charlize after her workouts or at basketball games. She looks amazing though each time we spot her. But I am surprised she is able to put some of these amazing outfits on after working out. I would be too drained to put on jeans after. Would you be able to get dressed after a working out session?

I really like these jeans. The distressed detailing on them, I find to be really great and natural looking. These jeans have also been spotted on Avril Lavigne a couple times before. Are you also a fan of these jeans?

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  1. nobody jeans are good but have u heard of billycock? they are the only australian jeans label doing it right at the moment

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