AnnaLynne McCord in Diesel Matic 8B3

Stepping out of her boyfriends house (Kellan Lutz) with no shoes on, AnnaLynne McCord made her way to her car. I find her t-shirt really funny and so appropriate for the paps! It says ‘This Is Not A Photo Opportunity.’ It definitely fits the bill since the paparazzi think anytime they see a celeb it is a photo opportunity! I think AnnaLynne’s almost finished outfit is really nice though, I love the simpleness of it! The hat with the scarf, t-shirt and jeans really makes it cute! I wonder what shoes she chose to go with it?

AnnaLynne’s jeans are of course her Diesel Matic 8B3 skinny jeans. We have spotted her in them 2 times; once at a pharmacy and the other at Urth Cafe. They fit her perfectly! I know Matic is notorious for it’s butt showing low rise and it looks like AnnaLynne’s are no exception to this as she is showing her underwear in the bending over photo! I really adore these jeans, the wash is absolutely amazing! I own over 15 pairs of Matic and each pair is really low in the back but I don’t find it much of a problem, I always wear longer tops! You can read my review with lots of photos and information on these jeans here. So how many of you readers own these beautiful jeans? We have seen Elle MacPherson and Vanessa Hudgens in these jeans now too! Vanessa even has the cut off Mintha shorts version of the wash as well!


  1. I do not know how she is barefoot. It is over 100 degrees here. Her feet must be burning like crazy

  2. I know how that feels when you walk on burning pavement, it kills! Sometimes it gets so hot the tarmac melts or you can literally cook an egg on it, haha!