CLOSED! WIN a FREE pair of Rich & Skinny Cargo Leggings

Would you like to WIN a FREE pair of Rich & Skinny’s brand new cargo legging in Aloe? You can win a pair by entering this contest we are holding! Rich & Skinny are giving away 1 pair to 1 lucky DenimBlog reader. I absolutely love these cargo pants, I think they are gorgeous and the pocket placement is perfect! They are right on trend for the skinny cargo pant season!

All you need to do to enter this contest is sign up to the Rich & Skinny newsletter by clicking here and then leave a comment on this contest blog post with a valid email address in the email box telling us why you should win! It’s as simple as that.

The contest will be open for 2 weeks and will close on the 14th June. This contest is restricted to the USA only unfortunately, sorry international readers! The winner will be selected by Rich & Skinny from those of you who have signed up to the newsletter and left a comment with a valid email address in the email box. Good luck to everyone who enters and thanks for being a fan of DenimBlog!


  1. I have 5 kids including 14 month old twins and would love to update my wardrobe and be a fashionable Mom to my kids and their friends.

  2. Another fab pair of skinny leggings to add to my ever growing collection! This pair of of leggings are versatile, either being dressed up or dressed down. Either with a blazer or a flowing top these pair of leggings will be a staple to my closet. The leggings are not only multi useful but chic at the same time!

  3. Hey there! The link to R&S newsletter didn’t work but I found the site and signed up for their newsletter!

    I’d like to win because I have a fab pair of baggy cargo pants in olive green but they feel horribly out-of-date because the skinny cargo is what’s in! I love Rich & Skinny jeans and would wear these cargos everywhere this summer.

    Thanks for the chance to win, good luck to all!

  4. Rich and Skinny kicks ***. Best brand ever. They almost look like the JBrand Houlihans.

    By the way, who’s the lucky winner of the Jbrands?

  5. I signed up for the newsletter too! i would absolutely love to win this pair of cargo leggings. Since i’m currently a college student, I don’t have a lot of extra cash to spend on nice clothing. This pair of cargo leggings would brighten up my drab college wardrobe significantly and just make my day! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  6. I signed up for newsletter

    I think I should win because I need a wardrobe update. The only cargo pants I have had was a wide leg cargo pants back in middle school which I now think is ugly. After seeing these Rich & skinny CARGO leggings, I want one! It looks incredibly chic! Hug the right curves etc!

  7. What will i do if i ever win these cargo pants? ummmm let me see

    live in them, sleep in them breathe in them
    These cargo will make my life so much better that may sound crazy but it will.
    life is nothing without the constant fashion changes
    and believe it if i win these cargo pants i will rock it like any size zero out there has ever done and it will make me so much happier because seeing them on celebs all over has made me realize how much i want but can’t afford it. So please i would so love to win these. I SO WANT TO CARGO IN THESE PANTS. lol

  8. i believe i should win because my birthday is on june 13 and this would be a beyond awesome birthday present! and i’ve never won anything before (; also, these are really cute and i want to try out the new cargo trend! ;D

  9. alright, now, why i want to win those pants…
    1. i never win anything
    2. i love rich & skinny
    3. i can’t afford them
    4. all the celebs are wearing cargos now and i don’t have a single pair 🙁
    5. a friend of mine hates it when i wear leggings…i could totally annoy him with them
    6. i want to rock them with a pair of combat boots
    7. i would have a reason to wear my jeans vest (to wear the cargos like jessica alba did with jbrands houlihans)
    8. i’m getting tired of the pants i have
    9. have i mentioned that i’ve never won anything…i really want to change that
    10. i simply want them…

    i could go on… but i’ll leave it at that

  10. I’ve subscribed! I’d love to win these because I havne’t worn cargo pants since I was a little girl…I think I”ll look much better now pairing them with some heels!

  11. I love these Rich & Skinny Cargo Leggings! I’ll admit that, if I win, I won’t be wearing these…I will give them to my 15-year-old daughter who loves skinny jeans. She just turned 15 on May 31, has a 4.0 gpa, and passed her learner’s permit on the first try. She’s a terrific girl and this would be one more way for us to celebrate. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. subscribed with same email id. I would love them because it will look really cool on me and it will make look taller!

  13. I would love to win a pair of Rich and Skinny Cargo Leggings because over the past year, I lost fifty pounds, and just landed a new job! – so what could fit my new life better than a pair of “Rich and Skinny” cargos for the summer?! Not to mention – Olive green is the most wonderful color – strong in fall, fresh in spring, and neutral with those summer whites.

    Much luv R&S,


  14. I would love to win this pair of cargo leggings because they really are the perfect pair I have been looking for – I love the color! I would love to wear them all summer, fall, and winter.
    Thanks for the great contests!

  15. I love the color and style of these and I think it’s about time I should try a pair of skinny pants/jeans. These would be an awesome first pair =)

  16. Honestly, I have never summed up the courage to buy a pair of designer jeans >$89. I’m the type who waits for a good sale on jeans and ends up buying a pair that is: (a) poor quality, (b) fades/shrinks after a few wears and washes and (c) just plain doesn’t fit me perfectly. I recently came across this blog a few weeks ago while searching the web for an online jean guide that would assist me in finding my “ideal” pair. Though the prize pants above aren’t technically “jeans” – I would still love to win such an amazing looking pair of cargo leggings! I mean, even the brand name “Rich & Skinny” even describes my ideals to a certain degree. (who doesn’t want to be rich and skinny :P) Anyways, I would absolutely love to own my very first pair of designer pants!

  17. I would love to win a pair of these to give myself a fresh new look! It would make me so happy and excited if I won as well!

  18. I have these in midnight and they are absolutely fabulous. I’ve turned three people on to buying Rich & Skinny in the last three months. I own three pairs myself, so far (and counting:)

  19. Signed up for the newsletter – so excited, I love Rich and Skinny. I would love another pair of their fabulous fabulous jeans, especially these awesome cargos!

  20. I am a huge fan of Rich&Skinny because the fit and cuts are flattering. I would like to win since I am also a huge fan of the founders: I still remember my first pair of Joie cargo jeans from 2003 and this current aloe leggings make for a great updated version 🙂

  21. Why should I win? Because winning should be a fundamental human right and I have never won anything – this could be the opportunity to change that. Thanks

  22. I have a few pairs of Rich & Skinny but few others in the area where I live do. I’m known for my sense of style and people always ask “what are you wearing?” (but in a good way). The more often I can answer “Rich & Skinny”, the better it is for you. It’s a win, win situation. Which is exactly why I should win, win this contest.

  23. If only I were skinny and rich
    Then I could satisfy my every itch.
    Alas! My profession is that of a student
    And even eating out does not seem prudent.
    In terms of size, I am the norm
    Me? A supermodel? You’re misinformed.
    But these cargo leggings – oh so pretty!
    Would make me feel like a – celebrity!
    So help a girl who’s out and down
    wear these cargos all over town!

    To do my part, I’d do my best to promote the brand,
    not that i could help it – these leggings are fabulous-on-demand!

    And, I have to say, it is hard to deny;
    Rich & Skinny’s: rich in detail, make you look-and-feel fly!

    And in case you’re curious
    (and since I’m rhyme-delirious)
    I’m trying to get my PhD
    and education road seem like FOREVER to me!
    So, to conclude my contest entry
    (I’m sure this poem felt like an eternity)
    Thank you Rich & Skinny and Denim Blog for
    Allowing me the chance to win these leggings, score!

    You can hear me read my poem here:

    And I definitely signed up for the newsletter, same email I used on this form! 😀

  24. I would love to win these cargo pants! I’m someone who loves fashion and constantly visits the denim blog to find the latest styles…unfortunately cannot afford them 🙁 pick me! 🙂

  25. We are currently having our kitchen remodeled and the tile floor was laid in the wrong pattern. Today the kitchen cabinet containing my glassware, fell down while they were doing some work around and many of my favorites glasses are now shattered. I have to walk outside, to go upstairs….. I could go on, and on and on. But my point is – when I’m feeling down a new pair of pants always makes me feel better. Did I mention how many times I have accidently seen a huge dose of unwanted “contractor crack”?…

  26. I’ve never won anything plus they look really really cute and I would love to own a pair but unfortunately for me “I can’t afford them.”

  27. I signed up for the newsletter.

    What a fantastic pair of cargo pants; I have never seen such a slimming style in a cargo pant before. What a great way to accentuate those legs! The color is wonderful and I’m sitting here imagining all the great shoes I could wear as well as matching it to various tops in my wardrobe.

  28. If all of my boots knew about this contest (and if boots had brains and fingers), they would be submitting entries non stop because they know how awesome they would look with these amazing pants!! This, however, is why my boots are not allowed to have their own email address. Your welcome. And you may thank me by PICKING ME to win.

  29. I want to win because I lost a lot of weight and everyone tells me I should show off my new body!

  30. i want to win because
    i love jeans and i can’t have enough of them
    but i can’t afford one.
    i am sick of wearing plain leggings
    this style is SO in right now
    this cargo legging is way better than j brand’s
    this is perfect for my heels sandals flats and even havaianas

    thank you! ÔÖÑ

  31. I signed up for the newsletter!

    I would LOVE to win these because I have been dying to try out this skinny cargo pant but I cannot find anyone’s that are cute other that the Jbrands, but they are so expensive! These would be so amazing and I would literally wear then everywhere. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  32. I should win because this will be the first pair of RS I own and I love the cargo pants look!!!

  33. I should win because:
    A) I will rock them wherever I go
    B) they are probably the (if not, one of the) best looking cargo pants (in my opinion) I have ever seen and a MUST have in MY closet
    C) once I go Rich + Skinny [Cargo] , there’s no going back!!!!

    have a nice day!

  34. I should win because I deserve a new pair of jeans. My last purchase (denim) was right before the recession and my 7’s are giving up soon! help me out here denimblog 😀

  35. I should win because I have nothing like them in my closet and I am a clothes horse:)

    Following and tweeting @kaflickinger74

  36. I want to win these!!! I love the color the style and fit !…i like skinny jeans m=because they celebrate curves and doesn’t hide them!!. I would love to strut my stuff!!!! in these pick! me me me

  37. I may be skinny, but I’m not rich
    In any case, I’m sure this is a good fit
    I love the color, I love the style…
    I should win these Rich & Skinny’s
    Because we’d look good together for miles & miles 😉

    Hehe, that’s all I got. I really love these jeans though & would love a pair 🙂 It would add to my continually growing denim addiction. I signed up for the newsletter!

    ÔÖí ÔÖí ÔÖí

  38. I am loving the cargo trend right now! I have the J brand Houlihan’s in Olive, but I still want the R&S’ too! I saw the R&S’ after I already bought the Houlihans. If I had seen them first I probably would have bought the R&S’. However since I spent $230 on the J brands, I really don’t want to spend another almost $200 to buy these! I would love to win them though ;)!

  39. Oh and I didn’t really add why I should win lol I should win b/c I am a denim addict! Some people love bags, others love shoes! Well I love denim! I mean if it is denim like I will wear it on the lower half of my body! These would be a great addition to my closet! Plus I can’t buy them b/c I have to pay for my daughter to go to summer camp, and then for her school. Obviously those things are more important than buying a pair of pants! So no more buying clothes for a while! But to win these would be awesome! Thanks! I really hope you choose me! 🙂

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