Vanessa Hudgens in Current/Elliott

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted making time to visit a friend’s house in Woodland Hills, California wearing her Current/Elliott destroyed jeans. Though she looked quite stylish with her platform heels, she nearly twisted her ankle while walking out to her car. I’ve taken that kind of trip a few too many times myself!


  1. I love Vanessa and i love girls in jeans. I think that you r doing a great job on this blog. I just started one about jeans too but you have much more informations. Thank you and keep on with great work


  2. omgsh Vanessa looks AMAZING!!
    as usual 🙂
    I love her in these jeans.

    btw, i love the new layout of the site

  3. I almost twisted my ankle at least a dozen times when Im in heels as well.
    its nice to see Vanessa does so too sometimes.

    she looks perfect.
    these jeans really suite her.
    the best fashion icon by far.

  4. I love how Vanessa always seems so stylish, and it never looks like she is trying hard at all. I think she is the best dressed star at there for sure!

  5. Amy,

    Thanks for the kind words about the site. We hope you really like it! Check out the forums as well when you get a chance.

    Have a good day!


  6. I forgot to say I think Vanessa looks stunning! I love this outfit on her and she rocks those jeans! I think every woman who wears hills has done the ankle slip lol 😀 I know I have!

  7. I love Vanessa’s style! I’m actually more interested in the ID for her striped cardigan, though! I love it.. anyone know what it is?