New Style By Onvis For Men

Onvis has a new style for the men called the “OLLE TRUESTORY.” The design and name of the jeans both came from the winner of the Swedish Denim Contest launched by Onvis. The detail of the jeans came from Olle’s daily wear for 180 days. I think the wash of these is great. They have that true worn in look that raw denim can only create itself. Have any of you readers tried out Onvis yet? Click here to purchase these jeans at Onvis.


  1. I’ve tried Onvis raw denim for women but I didn’t fit them right, they were too small in the waist and too big in the thighs for me unfortunately 🙁

  2. Nice looking jeans! Reasonably priced as well all things considered. It would still feel weird having that ‘worn in raw’ look but having the creases in all the wrong spots for your body. Oh well not everyone has the time nor patience to break in raw denim so this could be a great start.