New Denim Brand: Black Premium Affliction & DenimBlog Exclusive Interview

We got the chance to talk to the new denim brand Black Premium Affliction about their new styles, the inspiration behind the brand, how they come up with the name and lots more! Keep reading to find out about this new brand below. They also cater for both men and women.

DB: What inspiration goes into designing a Black Premium Affliction jean?

Most of our inspiration comes from things in daily life that display a struggle between good and evil. But, we are also inspired by vintage shopping trips, music and art. I like finding interesting fabrics and crafting unique washes that aren’t seen anywhere else. With each collection I try to create a fashion statement that is both modern and unique.

DB: What is your latest collection about?

The inspiration for the latest collection comes from the artist H.R. Giger. It is dark, modern and powerful. The men’s group utilizes military details on leather and premium cotton and denim. The women’s group focuses on sexy silhouettes utilizing custom printed silks, as well as leather and denim.

DB: Why did you decide to create your brand?

My partners and I knew we had an incredible brand vision. I was a freelance designer and they were on the manufacturing side, so we decided to give it a try ourselves. We had all the necessary skills and resources – the timing was perfect. We never imagined it would grow this much so fast. It has been a tremendous experience.

DB: What has been your favourite memory/experience since Black Premium Affliction was founded?

It would have to be the overwhelming response we received from our Fall 2010 look book. Retailers were blown away at how far we’ve come as a brand. They were genuinely surprised with how contemporary our collection was and how we presented it through the Fall 2010 look book.

DB: Do you have a favourite cut you have designed?

My favorite is the women’s Kona Riding Pant. It is a skinny, five-pocket with a signature interior knee detail that is unique to anything else in the marketplace. It has a black mirror coated fabric that is very sexy.

DB: How many jeans do you own?

Probably about 25 pairs.

DB: Which jean has been the most popular overall?

The men’s style, the Eleven Uptown in the Ace fit. It is a slim straight with a semi-distressed wash on coated fabric. It is dark enough to be worn out at night but distressed enough to maintain a comfortable, casual feel.

DB: We all love denim, but what makes it so important to you?

Denim can be styled with any outfit and is the most comfortable choice for daily wear. Also, the fact that it can be dressed up or down makes it an easy choice.

DB: What makes your brand so different from the others out there?

The difference is that the brand is very much rooted in our signature artwork. We spend hours developing elaborate art that our customers have come to love. We know they also appreciate the same detail and quality we put into our denim washes and fit.

DB: What is the best feature of a Black Premium Affliction jean?

The best feature of a Black Premium jean is the wash and the fit. We painstakingly develop the washes by hand in our own wash facility in Los Angeles and follow them through production to make sure the fit is perfect.

DB: How did you come up with the name Black Premium Affliction?

“Black” for the all time best color and “ Premium” for a more contemporary style and price.


  1. Lorna ,gotta check these jeans out, they are dead gorgeous but the price is not as hot as the jeans 🙁

  2. Oh my goodness! Those look like they might be really uncomfy but they are definitely out there, lets hope we see some celebs wearing them, maybe Rihanna or Lindsay Lohan 😀

  3. At that price they probably have some cashmere lining so it feels soft of your body but I would definitely see you and RhiRhi wearing them. And also, do you know if Lindsay Lohan is tall ? Thanks Lorna
    BTW your site looks so cool with the black thing, it looks like all the pictures are prettier and the celebrities hotter LOL 🙂

  4. I’m really glad you like it, Dave did a good job designing it 🙂 I think Lindsay is about 5ft 5 so around the same height as me 🙂 But she looks so much taller because she’s a lot thinner I think.