Katy Perry in Diesel

Katy Perry wears a pair of Diesel Mintha 8B3 shorts that have been customized with crystals all over for her new video ‘California Girls’. Katy has also just been named #1 in Maxim’s 2010 Hot 100 List. These shorts were specially customized for Katy and they look amazing! They have over 7,000 two tone coloured jewels, creating a one of a kind daisy duke masterpiece which suits her perfectly! You can buy the regular Diesel Mintha 8B3 shorts here at Ssense and you can view the video online by clicking here.


  1. imagine if you critalized your mintha shorts like your louboutins it would be so long !!! How long does it take to apply 100 crystals??

  2. Wow, on shoes it takes a long time as you have to apply the glue to each individual crystal then stick it on, however if you were doing shorts you could place a few hotfix crystals at once and then set the heat on them so they fuse to the fabric, it would be done in half the time I’m sure 🙂 But for 100 crystals on shoes I would put a rough estimate of 1.5 hours or a bit more? I’m not really sure but it takes forever and my shoes have around 2000 or more crystals lol!