Jessica Alba in Boyfriend Jeans

Jessica Alba was attending a dentist appointment in Beverly Hills, California the other day wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans. I’m loving the colour of her toe nails! So cute! I wonder what she did to her leg? I can see a bandage underneath the hole in the jeans. She looks great though, I really do adore her style and she is very beautiful! It seems like she wears something denim every day!


  1. how come Dave lets scammers steal our members money ? Tell me please because I just purchased a pair of $200 and now the seller is not returning my messages and Dave is not either. Should I call the police and complain that HF/BD is facilitating in the internet fraud. Please contact me ASAP because I am really worried about my money and now this guy has my address too. Dave is not doing anything about it can you please help.

  2. I have emailed Dave for you, hopefully he will reply soon and help sort everything out for you. Have you tried filing a paypal claim or did you not use paypal?