UPDATED – Denim Review: Diesel Matic 8B3

I previously posted this blog post in Feburary when I first got these jeans as they were released. A lot of people were asking for worn pictures for this Diesel Matic 8B3 review. I have finally gotten around to taking some modeled photos for you to see. They are below. Please excuse them being a bit tight in the butt area, since they are rigid they are a lot harder to break in for those of us with a tush, haha!

This weeks denim review is on a pair I recently bought; Diesel Matic 8B3. I am a huge fan of distressing and that is what caught my attention with these jeans. They are absolutely gorgeous! For all you Diesel experts out there, you will understand what I mean when I say the wash is like a mix between 71J and 61X, the blue of the denim is what reminds me of a darker 71J and the rusty patches on the jeans reminds me of 61X. The distressing has heavy reinforcements on the inside so they don’t rip anymore than intended as well. They used really pretty fabrics for this; sparkly silver and a pinstripe white and blue cotton. The hems come pre-distressed too, which I love, it saves you worrying about ruining them yourself…

Please click this blog post to read the rest of the review and view lots of photos modeled by me and laid flat on the floor to show lots of detail.

I have a couple of issues with these jeans though; they are 100% cotton so they are not very comfortable, but then you can expect that with a lot of Diesel jeans, the washes normally make up for that. Also the patches that reinforce the distressed areas on the jeans are quite bulky so they don’t let the jeans sit normally against your knees. One of my other issues with Matic is I much prefer the way the older Matic fitted from 2006-2007; it was much skinnier from the knee down and a bit larger in the waist, the new ones are pretty baggy in the calf and tighter in the waist. They don’t give the super skinny look that I used to love Matic for. Also I couldn’t find these jeans in a 30 leg at the time, so the 32 don’t fit as perfect as I had hoped, the distressing doesn’t quite fall in the right places. Other than these personal issues I absolutely love the jeans! If you are a big fan of Diesel then you will love them as well.

Overall Opinion
The wash is absolutely beautiful, you can tell loads of time was spent creating such a gorgeous colour and the distressing is perfectly done, it’s reinforced as well which really helps. They have the classic new style Matic fit and pretty plain pockets too, they only have the simple Diesel V embroidered on them. I adore these jeans but they are not the perfect jeans if you care a lot about comfort as they are rigid. Buy these jeans at Diesel.

You can view more photos and find out more about the rest of my outfit on my personal blog Raindrops of Sapphire.

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Full laid down photo of the front so you can see the distressing and wash.

Full laid down photo of the back so you can see the wash.

Close up photo of the classic Matic coin pocket.

Photo of the back pockets so you can see their shape.

Close up photo of the back pocket so you can see the pocket detail.

Close up view of the Diesel patch as these are different on every single Diesel jean.

Close up photo of the honeycomb detail behind the knees.

Close up photo of the pre-distressed hems.

Close up of one of the distressed patches and rusty area of the jean.

Close up photo of the thigh distressing so you can see the fabric underneath.

Another close up of the other distressed patch.

Photo of the inside of the jean, you can see the reinforcements under the distressing.

Another photo of the inside of the jean. It also has strips of blue plastic fabric to stop the distressed patches from ripping even more. I think it’s a great idea.

Close up photo of the reinforcement fabric on the butt.

Modeled photos.

Photos courtesy of Lorna/DenimBlog (please credit if used)


  1. You are welcome 🙂 They really are gorgeous, each pair is so different 🙂 Some are lighter and some are darker, Diesel is so good for that. This pair is around my 25th pair of Diesel lol or more haha!

  2. OMG OMG GORGEOUSSS! Wish they had stretch though- then they’d be the jeans to end all jeans 🙂 GR8 review!

  3. I tried these on at my local Diesel store. The wash was a lot lighter than I was hoping. They didn’t look as dark as they do on the model in the “sex sells” ad. I wasn’t crazy about the fit either. They’re kind of loose in the thighs, taking away from the look as a skinny jean. Although I like the concept of these jeans, but they didn’t really work for me.

  4. I know, rigid Matic are definitely not for everyone, I much prefer the stretch ones, they are beautiful 🙂 it is definitely a lot lighter than the sex sells advert though, I agree there, I think the contrast and lighting has something to do with that 🙂

  5. Lorna, could i ask what size you’re taking from these jeans? could we readers see pics of you wearing them? TIA!

  6. I had to size up to a 28, I’m normally a 27 in Diesel Matic but since these are 100% cotton I had to size up 🙂 Sure I will take some photos at some point for you and update the review 🙂


  8. Good luck!! That sounds great 😀 Yeah, I definitely prefer the older Matics when they were really skinny, like 81M, 89S, 89Q etc, I love those! I’m really upset by the new style Matics 🙁

  9. I usually dont really like Diesel jeans but these ones are an exeption. There is no tacky detail on the back and the wash is just incredible ! You look goegeous Lornielove !

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