Ben Nemtin in Denim Cut Offs

The Buried Life’s Ben Nemtin was spotted out and about with girlfriend Whitney Port in New York. Ben wore a pair of denim cut offs for the lovely stroll. Denim cut offs are huge this summer for the men. Have any of you male readers tried out the trend yet?


  1. I agree with @Drew…It was so wrong for guys to wear cut off jean shorts last year…I cut half of my jeans into shorts to save money last year…I actually cut my true religions last night…I just love how things change

  2. Yep, it definitely is funny, I remember when no one wore skinnies and acid wash wouldn’t be touched lol now skinnies are the most popular jean ever.

  3. Haha I currently have 3 pairs of 7FAM cut offs and 2 TR pairs. I’ve been considering hacking up an old pair of Nudie Slim Jims as well.

  4. It is like Cold Blue or something wash. Honestly I’m not sure how it would look as cut offs since it has an extremely distressed upper thigh and knee. Maybe I’ll do my Grim Tims.

    Also not sure if the dude who reviewed the Slim Jims you did a while back is your boyfriend or what but if he is you should get him to buy a pair of Regular Ralfs. Owning almost every cut Nudie has to offer I can honestly say thats the best.

  5. He doesn’t really wear bootcut jeans or looser fitting ones, he prefers to wear slim fitting jeans as they suit him best 🙂 I will let him know though, thanks Drew! Oh and feel free to send us a photo of you in your cutoffs so we can see a non celeb rocking the trend 😀 We can even post it on the blog if you would like!