Zac Efron in Nudie

Arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles from Vancouver, Canada with his on-screen girlfriend Amanda Crew, Zac Efron looked casual in his Nudie jeans. It’s been a while since we spotted Zac out and about in his Nudie jeans. I always thought he looked good in them, although I do prefer the lighter wash pair he has to these raw style ones. So who is going to watch his new movie Charlie St. Cloud? I watched the trailer for it last week and it seems a lot different to what I expected. You can buy Nudie jeans at Cultizm.

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  1. is he wearing nudie thin finn this time? or he changed to other type? cuz the nudie he’s wearing in this picture look little bit loose, dont they?

  2. Those are indeed Thin Finn. They may appear looser since they’re stretch fabric so they can easily get blown out during the wearing process to fade them. He also appears to be sagging them more than usual which could lead to more bunching. Personally I think sagging Thin Finns looks horrible since they already have a low yoke. The pockets are down near the back of his knees.

  3. Yeah I have a pair of Thin Finn and not sure if I’m sold on the low yokes. My mom constantly makes fun of them saying it looks like I lack a butt. Also having the wallet on the back of my thigh CONSTANTLY makes my leg fall asleep. I only broke them for about four months before I decided they weren’t for me.