Vanessa Hudgens in Diesel Matic 8B3

Yes! A Vanessa Hudgens spotting. She was caught going to her car after parking in a handicapped section. She wore the amazing Diesel Matic 8B3. Vanessa was spotted earlier this month wearing the shorts in wash. These jeans really grew on me. The light wash, the distressing… I just find amazing. These were also spotted on Annalynne McCord and Elle McPherson. You can click here for Lorna’s review and click here to purchase these jeans at Ssense for $270.

Lorna’s note – Woohoo! I knew we would spot her in these jeans at some point, they are just her style! I’m glad you found the images! She looks great in them!

Images Courtesy of PicApp (not to be copied or used by others)


  1. The boots are too much! If only she was wearing cute flats or heels this would be such a cute outfit.

  2. I agree that the boots are hideous. And I am also confused as to why she’s parked in a handicap spot…

  3. i really love these jeans Lorna! but are they worth every penny? it’s a lot to commit for me 🙁

  4. It depends if you value comfort over prettiness, if you really want comfy jeans then these are not the pair you would want, they are really stiff and restricting 🙁

  5. yeah well i would if they were cheaper, for novelty purposes. but 270 is no where near a price tag for sheer novelty. thanks Lorna!

  6. I know it’s not, it’s really really expensive but then I bought them because I really loved how they looked more than comfort, haha! Hopefully they go in the sale soon 😀

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