The Winner Of The J Brand 901 Jeggings Contest Is:


Congratulations on winning! J Brand really liked your creative entry so they chose you as their winner. You have won a free pair of their 901 denim leggings! I will be contacting you soon to get your details. A huge thank you to everyone that entered and keep on entering our contests! We have a J Brand Houlihan giveaway right now which you can enter by clicking here. You can also read Kellie’s entry below.

“There are one million zillion reasons I could say

Why I deserve these awesome jeggings..deserve them today

I could tell you I would wear them to that red carpet premiere

but you would know right away, that wasn’t sincere

I could say they would be great for my cameo on the Hills

but everyone knows I’m not raking in those kinda dolla..dolla bills.

Ooooh I could say I would wear them with J Beiber on a date

but alas I’m just another lonely girl..guess that’s my fate

To break it downÔǪmy life isn’t all that sweetÔǪ

hey I won’t complainÔǪbut it’s no easy street

The truth know what would make it rock??

a pair of J Brand jeans..I’d wear them like Kesha..Tik Tok

So thanks for reading my poetry..

and I hope that in your jeggings..Imma Be!!”


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