Rima Fakih in Cuffed jeans

Miss USA Rima Fakih visits Citi Field in the Queens Borough of New York City wearing a pair of cuffed jeans. It’s amazing to see so many people now wearing this trend not long after we told you it was very “IN”! I personally like the cuff to be double rolled but this looks pretty good on her too! Are you wearing cuffed jeans for Summer?

Images Courtesy of Wireimage


  1. what’s your take on guys wearing denim cuffed? I wore my skinny jeans rolled to a bit below my knees a few times and i think they look alright, but i wonder what others have to say.

  2. Chris – I love that look on guys, I think the denim shorts cuffed to the knees is a good look for men 🙂 Plus it’s what’s really hot right now, a lot of the guys are wearing it like that. I like it best when it’s a little small/thin cuff, so they would need to be cutoffs in the first place just rolled twice quite small 🙂