Reese Witherspoon in Double Denim

Reese Witherspoon was caught doing some shopping in Brentwood, California wearing double denim. She wore a pair of Black Orchid 5 Pocket Jegging Jeans in Thunder and a denim shirt (under the sweater). It’s amazing how big the denim shirt has gotten. Many people would not have even tried it out last year and now it is a staple in their closet. How many of you readers own a denim shirt? Buy these jeggings at Boutique to You.


  1. hmmm…I’m not sure that she is wearing the same jeggings that are shown in the “Boutique to You” link. In these pictures above, her pants have back pockets. There don’e appear to be any back pockets on the jeggings linked in the Boutique to You site.

  2. I must have linked the wrong ones, they have 2 pairs, one with back pockets and one without. Thanks for letting me know Carol 🙂 I will change it now.