Nick Jonas in Nudie

Nick Jonas was spotted signing some autographs outside his New York hotel. It took me a while to figure out these jeans. At first I thought they might have faded out by themselves, but I have now found the wash (still not to sure on the fit). Nick wore a pair of Nudie Jeans in Dark Crinkle. I really like the treatment of Nudie Jeans. You either get a great clean pair or a pair that is treated to look naturally worn in.

Lorna’s note – I think the cut is Grim Tim and you can purchase them here at Cultizm.

Images Courtesy of PicApp (not to be copied or used by others)


  1. It’s interesting how all the Jonas brothers sport Rolex day date … really doesn’t suit their age.

  2. Actually the fade-out at the ankle parts of the jeans doesn’t suit his ankles, he should have worn the raw ones and let them fade naturally to suit his body perfectly.

  3. Paul nailed it on the head, a pair of grim tims. I figured they were a pre-fabricated wash since that shin fade without having fades ANYWHERE else is really, really unnatural.