New Brand: Sexy Doll Jeans

Ahh… Brazil the land of beauty. So why not get inspiration from there for a denim brand? That’s just what the minds behind the new brand Sexy Doll Jeans are doing. With their inspiration coming from the distinctive blend of cultural beauty and desire to accentuate the allure of your assets. Sexy Doll offer jeans that have a fresh new look with great finishes from the hardware to the stitching. With the thought of denim having it’s own personality (which it does), Sexy Doll offers a wash that is dark and clean and will go from day to night.

Having perfection as their drive for the brand, many tests are done on their jeans. Sexy Doll will test and retest to make sure only the top product will be produced for masses. To show that only the best quality is produced, a Haute Sexy Premium Denim seal was created to represent the symbol of outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Produced in Los Angeles, their most important pair, the Haute Sexy Premium Jeans, has an unheard of attention to detail never seen in the denim industry before. Sexy Doll takes it to a new level with their hand stitched gold pockets and using high-end ribbons.

With the confidence of filling the void that many brands don’t. Sexy Doll will push the limits of denim to offer only the best pair to give an alternative denim experience to women that have experienced it all. You can check out the styles below.