Kate Moss in c.r.a.f.t

Kate Moss was spotted wearing a pair of her c.r.a.f.t Denim Hells Angel Jeans again for an outing in London. I love these jeans on her, she really knows how to change it up each time she wears them. I also like that she wore her moccasins (my favorite shoes, I live in my Minnetonka slippers). Rumors swirled over the weekend of a movie based on Kate’s life is being pitched, part of that rumor is that the leading role will be given to Lindsay Lohan. Are any of you excited to see what will come out of this rumor? Also, do you think that Lindsay will play Kate justice? You can pre-order these now at singer22 for $219.


  1. I don’t think it would be a movie I would want to watch at all, although Lindsay is used to how Kate’s previous lifestyle used to be so maybe she could play the part well. But I definitely wouldn’t watch it.

  2. I used to watch some of Lindsay’s movies, they’re good. Of course, that was before the whole reputation thing came up. If she is to play the part, there’s a need to look at her on a different way, in terms of fashion perhaps. I like Kate Moss, she represents something classic and sophisticated, but say Mischa Barton, Keira Knightley, should be considered for the part as well, that would be cool.

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