Jennifer Lopez in Charley 5.0

Jennifer Lopez wore a pair of Charley 5.0’s Skinny Mini denim leggings in indigo as she was arriving in Monaco. She has such a great butt! I think hers and Kim Kardashian’s are the best bootys in Hollywood! I would have personally worn a longer top though as the leggings have no back pockets, but since it’s JLo she can get away with it. I love her Louboutin boots! Buy these leggings at Singer22 for $165.


  1. I think she looks GREAT!! If I had a derriere like Jenny from the block I’d be confident to expose it too….who says there needs to be pockets on jeans in order to wear a short top with them?

  2. Wow, what a nice big ass. This lady is 40 years, she is hot. she also wear leather pants. She now that people wanna see the booty.

  3. In my opinion the side view looks much better than the rear. The seams are not flattering – on anyone.