Diesel’s New Camera Changing Rooms

The ever so popular denim brand that we all love, Diesel, has unveiled their new step to go interactive and appeal to their fans! They have set up a changing room camera, Diesel Cam, where shoppers can take photos of themselves in their jeans and upload them straight to Facebook. The idea behind this is you can ask your Facebook friends for advice on which clothes to buy if they can’t actually come shopping with you. This new changing room feature is currently happening in Spain and it seems to be a big hit! The photos even come out with a little Diesel logo on them so you know it’s official. Facebook has over 400 million active users and Diesel felt it was time to step up their game and reach out to their shoppers on a whole different level.

What do you think of this camera located just outside the changing rooms? I think it’s a good idea as long as the cameras can not be angled or moved into the direction of the changing rooms themselves, we wouldn’t want to have any photos on Facebook of people getting undressed without them knowing. You can watch the video above which explains a lot more about the use of the camera in the Diesel changing rooms.

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