Britney Spears in True Religion

Stopping at the salon and Starbucks, Britney Spears looks great in a pair of True Religion jeans. Britney has been spotted in these shredded True Religions before. Do you like them?


  1. I think she would look better in them if they were hemmed. And if she wasn’t wearing sneakers!

  2. I agree, I think Britney has this essence of non caring to her outfits, she just puts on what she wants and doesn’t really care what it matches with or if it doesn’t. Same with her hair, she throws it up anyway or leaves it hanging lol.

  3. These are horrid. Seriously, this much stressing of denim is well-dated and for Brit it just makes her look even more trashy. That said, put Scarlett in this outfit and she’d still be smoking.

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