Adam Levine in Double Denim

Adam Levine was spotted in double denim on his way in to the Lakers vs. Suns game. He wore a denim jacket by Levi’s with a pair of Dior Homme jeans. I really like this look on Adam, the jacket and jeans fit him very well.

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  1. And not to mention that he is wearing a fine Panerai watch … possibly a GMT model or Panerai 111.

  2. Someone knows me here ….

    That watch alone completes the denim look. Without that watch, his whole outfit is useless. He knows what he’s carrying ….

  3. I really like that look and generally I’m not a fan of double denim. Looks like he has some nice progress on the Dior jeans which I assume are raws.

  4. I don’t owe anyone anything! Just kidding. I’ll get to an extensive review when I can. Watches take preference over clothing for now:)

    Lorna – Liznie is just a bugger always bugging about this and that and thinks that spending on watches is a waste of time. All she does is jibber jabber all day.

  5. Zeeshan is the authority on spending TONS of money on watches, jeans and things of that sort LOL but what do I know, I just jibber jabber…