Robert Blake in Denim Don’t

Robert Blake was spotted leaving Starbucks in Los Angeles, California wearing a very big denim don’t! It looks like these pants of his are made from denim and leather and are a pair of chaps. Paired with that brown belt and a tucked in dark purple top… It’s not a good look at all. Do you agree? Or do you like his look?

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  1. This is def a denim don’t as a general rule, but I am going to go against the grain and say that I like the look on him, but then again, I like seeing older men in wild outfits rather than the typical jeans or dockers and a grandpa sweater. BORING.

  2. But they are probably made for doing a physical job like working on his house??? But they must be custumised so they dont rip at the front. I think they are Lee jeans

  3. Give him a break…how old is he now? I actually think he looks really comfortable in his skin in this outfit. Thumbs up!