New Brand: Curve Appeal

Curve Appeal is a new denim brand on the market that fills the void of the perfect jean for women. With their patented technology of front panels to slim the waist and a built-in “bottom booster” to lift and sculpt, these jeans will boost every woman’s self-esteem when they try it on for the first time. To help promote their body-defying jeans, Curve Appeal chose Supermodel Kim Alexis as the face of their brand. Three fits are currently available: Enchanting Skinny, Captivating Boot Cut and Gorgeous Straight Leg all at the suggested price of $88. That’s an amazing price for jeans that will flatter your body and boost your confidence.


  1. They will be available in stores starting August 2010. I am a rep for the company, they are awesome!

  2. when and where will the “curve appeal” jeans be available. it’s now january 2011 and i don’t see a response to this question yet????????????

  3. I bought a pair a week ago at Ross’s Dress for Less. Paid $30 for them and they are the best jeans I have ever had. I would definitely pay $100 for them if I had to. Wonderful fit and feel great on. They have a spandex panel on butt and tummy. They honestly are the best jeans EVER!

  4. I just got a pair at Ross for $25. . . I wonder if the launch never panned out? LOVE these jeans. I have NO rear end – flat as a board back there. I wear a 4 and there’s a little one going on back there now! Now that I read on the web they are so hard to come by I might go back and scoop up the other pair. . .

  5. I just found 2 pair at Ross tonight (on clearance for 16.99). I came home and googled Cureve Appeal jeans. Many places I have read state that they were to be introduced last August at Belk and Nordstrom. Belk has some on clearance for 85% off (not in my size – bummer), but Curve Appeal is not listed as a brand carried at Nordstrom. Were these jeans a flop? I do not see how they could have been!