Mischa Barton in Colored Denim

Colored denim is a difficult trend to pull off, especially when it’s skinny and high waisted. Recently, Mischa Barton wore a pair of pale yellow, high waisted skinny jeans, paired with a midriff top. I think Mischa takes some great fashion risks but I think this may have been a miss. What do you think?


  1. The jeans them self are not bad what she wore them with and her body style are not flattering for her. A longer top that exposed more shoulder, like a cute boat neck top, that falls at or just below the waist would have been a better choice.

  2. holy moly. I wonder what she was thinking? It looks like ketchup and mustard in a garden with pantylines and bad extensions.

  3. You know what?
    I think shes just fuckin with us now.
    She knows it will make it big on the blogsphere, she knows people will write about it and be snarky. I think if i was mischa, and i had gained so much weight and was depressed people were always being mean about me.. UNTIL i was ready to go back to old me, i will wear hurrendous things as a ‘fuck you’ too.
    Why not?

    We care and we’re commenting aren’t we?

  4. it’s not a ” miss”, it’s totally Failed. My goodness, I dont dare to wear mine now

  5. Wow. Add a fanny pack and she’s ready for a local amusement park or the boardwalk. This is tragic from start to finish! What a shame.

  6. Tilda:
    There’s actually video of her defending her outfit to the paps, so I guess she liked it and was serious.

    She’s always had a pretty edgy style, I just don’t think she knows how to dress her new body type. That’s a REALLY hard look to pull off on anyone.

    I hope this doesn’t turn into another Jessica Simpson mom-jeans episode because Mischa is NOT fat in the slightest…these pants are just super unflattering both in cut and material.

  7. OMG… for the love of Orange County re-runs… this girl was skinny as a rail.. and really still is, but this photo is sooo not flattering.. at ALL. I am not sure which jeans they are… and actually they look more like very thin denim leggings or skinny jeans gone too thin that really should only be worn with a long sweater or long style tee.

    I totally adore Misha for her unique fashion sense and slightly hippie appeal, but these… ugh, wishing they would just be returned.

  8. Yeah, this is a FAIL. Obviously she’s not the same size as her OC days, I’ve seen other pictures of her and she has without a doubt gained some weight. She needs to buy clothes that flatter her body shape.

  9. i think she should have worn spanx shorts.
    it would have masked the vpl and smoothed some of those curves

  10. i can see where she’s going with the idea but…. maybe a thicker denim? spanx? a size up? she’s thin but somehow managed to make herself look like a manatee.

  11. I don’t think Mischa Barton is to fat, in todays world we just have a problem with the weight. I think everybody should eat as much as he wants and be fat if she feels okay.

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