Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham Denim

It seems like the only place we ever see Victoria Beckham photographed is at the airport! Perhaps heading back home to see injured David, Victoria wore a pair of jeans from her own line, Victoria Beckham Denim and a sheer button down blouse. She really seems to love these jeans! Between her dress collection and denim collection, she’s really made quite a name for herself when it comes to designing.


  1. Just curious but how do you know these are from her line? They are not in either the Spring nor fall look books. I have not seen anything from her line like this either.

    I love these jeans though! They are FABULOUS!

  2. Nope. Gotta read it again. Instyle says

    the designer, who wore CFDA’s official Haiti relief T-shirt with jeans and a blazer from her dVb line.

    The blazer IS from her line. The jeans are not as far as I can tell.

  3. They don’t know who made the jeans either. I’ve contacted all my sources at People Style Watch, Grazia and Cosmo. They did not know either.

  4. One last thing. You very well could be right, I just was curious if you saw a tag or read a zip or a button. I’ve never been able to ID firmly so I have not bothered you know?

  5. No it says T-Shirt with Jeans and a blazer from her DVB line, meaning both from the line. That’s what we got anyway. Jonathan was pretty sure they are form her line. Her own jeans and Stella McCartney seem to be the only jeans she sticks too except for those baggy PDC jeans.

  6. Ha! SO Funny. I’m emailing you my side by sides! Maybe they are from her Spring 2011 denim collection…. I wish these jeans were for sale….