The Winners Of The 7 For All Mankind Contest Are:

Ôêå Thomas P. from Facebook.

Ôêå Xriyah from Twitter.

Congratulations!! You have both won a FREE pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans!! We will be contacting you very soon. Thank you to everyone who entered and a huge thank you to 7 For All Mankind for hosting this contest with us. Please keep on following DenimBlog on Twitter for more exclusive contests. Our contests can always be found on the first advert on the sidebar to the right –>. Feel free to enter our Siwy giveaway we have on now.


  1. awww man I tried sooo hard and tweeted every single day :((
    May I ask how you guys determine the winners?

  2. We just mainly pick at random or from those who tweet all the time, The Ashley Tisdale contest winner won because she must have tweeted over a 1000 times lol. It depends who is choosing the winners and what kind of contest it is. I’m sorry you didn’t win. Good luck for the next contests though! We get so many entries it’s really hard to pick.