Paige Picks: Verdugo Jegging in Lux

Paige is doing these very exclusive Paige Picks for her loyal fans! Each item she picks will be available to buy an entire season early! They will only be available to purchase online and at exclusive Paige Premium Denim stores. This months pick is the Verdugo Jegging in Lux – Inspired by Italian vintage lace, the Verdugo Jegging in Lux is a unique spin our our super stretch denim and features a subtle lace print overlay. I saw these jeans in person when I went to meet Paige in London in January and they are very pretty. They are a lot different to what you would normally see in a Jegging. The lace print is very subtle and very unique. These Verdugo Jeggings are only available in limited quantities so hurry if you want to be the first to own them! You can buy them here at Paige Premium. You can also visit Paige’s new blog,

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