New Styles From Fidelity Denim

Wow, Fidelity Denim’s new styles for the guys are hot! I’m loving the cuts and the depth to the washes, I really like them! What do you think guys?

The collection pays homage to classic blue jeans with a reinterpretation of the original 501 (called the 5011). Fidelity has introduced a 1% stretch to improve flexibility, and poly was also incorporated in the weft for a balance of strength, durability and incredible softness of hand. Made in Los Angeles, California, each of the four flagship styles is offered in four washes. Styles include the “Camino” relaxed leg, the “Charger” low rise boot-cut, the “Slim Jim” slim straight leg, and the homage to the original, the “5011” straight leg.

The jeans hit stores this week. you can check out for retailer by location.


  1. i’m surprised they are calling their slim cut the “slim jim”. That’s what Nudie calls their slim jeans.

    Copycat in my opinion.

  2. Yeah when I saw the name I immediately wondered why they’d name them Slim Jim. I guess maybe you can’t copyright a cut’s name but still seems odd they have one fit called “Charger” and another “Slim Jim.” There is no continuity between those names. I guess if they’re going for possible nick-names for horses they could have Charger and Stallion or something. Either way, dumb choice of name. The jeans, however, look amazing.