New Denim Brand: King Krash

For those of us that love PRPS jeans but just can’t afford the high price tag, here is the solution! King Krash jeans were founded by denim legend Donwan Harrell, the man behind PRPS jeans! King Krash takes its inspiration from the illegal street racing days of 1970’s Manhattan – an era of disco, fast women and even faster cars, where gang culture was rampant and the clothes you wore were as much a part of the scene as the racing itself.

A fervent muscle car junkie from a young age, Harrell ransacked his photo archives and those of his drag racing friends for King Krash inspiration. Each item is finished with Harrell’s unrivalled attention to detail and wash techniques, faithfully replicating the stains, creases, abrasions and rips resulting from a life lived in the fast lane.

The price point of these jeans is from £105-£145. Much more affordable. What do you think of the cuts and washes? These jeans are available to buy at