Monsieur-T Design Agency

Ever wonder the thought process behind the making of a pair of jeans? Monsieur-T, the design company behind the production of Nadel&Pen and more, has given their insight on how those brands are produced.

Mosieur-T is a South West France based design company that work for brands and trend-offices in the United Kingdom, California, and of course France. Tilmann Wr├Âbel and Lucie Germser, the heads behind the design company, along with their team has helped many brands inject their DNA and get their products out to the public. With a background in both streetwear and couture from brands like Etnies to Christian Dior; Tilmann Wr├Âbel has fused the aesthetic of both to help many brands push the envelope when it comes to design. Whether it is giving their product a vintage feel or having well tailored, couture denim.

With the “team’s” education in fabrics, patterns, and wash along having a love of detail, Monsieur-T chooses the same approach as “the good old shoemaker from back in the day” rather than the “computer file + pantone” mass-market to produce the most earnest products.

With hopes to prevent what they call “fast-fashion” consumerism, which means people usually buy only to dispose without thought, leading to textile pollution. An explanation is written inside each pair of their Nadel&Pen denim to explain why and how they should be cared for. Hoping that in the future many brands will choose similar views.

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  1. A great team, a great idea , good products and a good mission

    “Kill fast fashion”