LOOK BOOK: Blue Notch Spring/Summer 2010

Here is the new Spring/Summer Look Book for Blue Notch Denim. I absolutely LOVE some of their styles. The ankle button super stretch Notch skinnies in Smoke pictured above are gorgeous and the denim dress below is so cute! Beyonce was spotted in Blue Notch jeans last year and she rocked them! The prices will be around $180-$285. You can read the press release and check out the images in the gallery below.

Blue Notch presents a new breed of denim and clothing for the New Resistance.

Inspired by the attitude of a new generation whose individualism is ever present and constantly evolving, the spirit of this collection communicates the New Resistance by disregarding convention in favor for an enduring determination. The collection is quintessentially Blue Notch with its aggressive chic design. Akin to armor wear, our key feature this season incorporates metal in various devices that serve both functionality and aesthetic beauty. Key details include rivets traditionally reserved for tough surfaces such as leather. Blue Notch breathes new life to this age old device by incorporating it into denim combining practicality and subtle beauty. Another new feature are the specially developed armor chains that are hot fixed on to the side seams of jeans.

In the Blue Notch tradition of breaking conventions Zips are placed at the side waist which act as a closure instead at the rise or at the ankles. Subtle metallics are also used in the ripped jeans adding to its illusive allure. Blue Notch amped up its eco-friendly initiative by developing ÔÇÿPurified Washing’ which uses refined natural dyes that not only gives clarity in color but protects the water source. Some resulting colors are light violet and grey that is truly unique to Blue Notch. To produce the purest solid black and white each over dye process is filtered to extract the impurities. The color inspiration comes from the dark atomosphere of undergournd clubs with flickers of light. Based on Blue Notch’s monochromatic palette there are moments of blinding white as well as flashes of primordial prints. Tonal variations and depth are expressed through delicate brush work and stone washing done by Blue Notch’s artisans.

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