Jessica Alba in 7 For All Mankind

Jessica Alba and Honor Marie hit up the Westfield Century City Shopping Mall in Los Angeles wearing 7 For All Mankind Gwenevere skinny jeans in Crystal Wash. These pictures were taken back in December but I just now found out what these jeans were from denimblogger Jonathan, who ID’d them on Kourtney Kardashian for me! Jessica has the best style, doesn’t she?! You can buy these jeans here.

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  1. NO. I asked our other bloggers on Saturday if anyone knew Kourtney’s jeans and didn’t get a response from JONATHON FROM THE DENIMBLOG until Monday. How can you say Jessie ID’d them for us when I have no email or contact from Jessie at all? Please don’t assume things.

  2. Jessie is me and I blogged them yesterday. Smile sweet cheeks it’s just jeans. Jessie my name. I say Lorna if it’s Lorna who tells me something. It’s courtesy.

  3. Sorry I blogged them yesterday and today Johnathan has IDed them. Maybe it’s a curious coincident. Johnathan is very good. I know we’d love to have him. Sorry Not fighting with you Liznie.

  4. Hi Jessie, Jonathan did not ID them today, he ID’d them on Monday, we have email proof of that but Liznie could not finish the blogs until today because of her other work commitments so that’s why both this one and Kourtney went up today. We are not trying to fight with you either and I know you credited us on the Vanessa Hudgens post when I helped you out but we don’t copy Denimology posts, I have credited you before for a Jess Alba post in 7FAM so it’s not like we wont credit. It’s just you didn’t ID these ones for us, Jonathan did on Monday, we don’t copy Denimology 🙂

  5. What is your email Jessie and I’ll forward the email that I got from Jonathon. I have no need to lie about it.

  6. Cool Coll. Sorry I said anything. Clearly I did not come off cheeky as I intended too in the first comment. 🙂 😉

    You are a great little mediator Lorna.

    Apologies Liznie, I should not tease on your blog. I won’t again. Peace treaty. *waves white flag*