Jesse James in Denim Dungarees

Jesse James was seen wearing his denim dungarees 2 days in a row! Both times leaving his home to get in his car over the weekend. It’s been a really long time since I have seen anyone wearing dungarees/overalls out on the street. What’s your opinion on them?


  1. They look great… i think more people should give them a go.
    What do you think of them blog writer?

  2. It completely depends on the style of them, I like them sometimes worn down so the straps are not over the shoulders but in general they are not really my style when worn this way 🙂 However I do love the shorts versions. Those are cute!

  3. it may look good on some guys, but defnitely not him
    im currently diggin the boyfriend jeans style for guys…minus the boyfriend

  4. They are awesum! where i come from they are called “delela” …as in u Ayanda u fake iDelela” “hey that guy is wearing a delela” Eye dig them to the core ka mo gare! wish Diesel would take that Eye’dea.