Heidi Klum Loves Paige Premium Denim Leggings

Heidi Klum Attends Baby Shower Bash For Her New Maternity Line!

Heidi Klum absolutely loves her Paige Premium denim leggings! She has been seen in them about 10 times so far! She owns the Verdugo jeggings in Vinyl, Dusk and Coal and adores them! Every time I have seen Heidi wearing these jeggings she looks fantastic, she knows how to style them and how to use their versatility to its best! My Rowena denim leggings are a pair that I wear regularly because of how comfy and flattering they are. They have the classic Paige fit with the added bonus of being extra comfortable. I will be reviewing my pair very soon for you. Do you own any Paige Premium jeggings? You can buy them here.


  1. That blazer is to die for ! But Lorna, I really like jeggings with pockets but the ones without pocket (exept for your 7FAM mineral wash 🙂 ) I find them vulgar and not classy at all 🙁 !!! Like these ones http://www.joesjeans.com/shop/product.php?productid=733&cat=45
    What do you think ?
    The only occasion I would wear them is when you put a long tunic over so you dont see the ass or otherwise I cant stand it !!!!

  2. Hey Liza 🙂 You have it 100% correct, the jeggings with no back pockets should be treated just like normal leggings and worn with longer tops to cover the butt/crotch area, I’ve seen it out and about and it’s not nice to see camel toe and the outline of a woman’s butt lol, it’s horrible! The jeggings with back pockets though are much better because they are built like a jean with the zip fly and button closure and things 🙂

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