Fergie Loves J Brand Denim Leggings

Fergie seems to love her J Brand 901 denim leggings! She has worn them in the Pitch wash twice and she owns the Viper wash and the Blue Viper wash! They look gorgeous on her! I think J Brand, Paige Premium and Charley 5.0 are the leaders in denim leggings so far! There are so many choices to choose from but these 3 brands seem to be a celeb favrouite! Are you a fan of J Brand denim leggings? You can buy them by clicking here.


  1. Fergie was the first to introduce me to premium denim with BEP’s song ‘My Humps’ when she sings ”Seven jeans, True Religion, I say no but they keep giving” !!! I did’nt know TR was a brand and it was my friend that told me I was like ooohhh when I saw the 350$ price tags but now it is normal to me…
    In the video she wore Frankie B. jeans !
    Denim world has changed so much since a couple of years

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