Evisu to replicate Levi’s historical styles

The Japanese based brand Evsiu, is replicating popular Levi’s styles in a tribute to the brand. The collection will feature three styles, the 944 501 jeans, the 1890 “Nevada” pair of jeans that were found in a Nevada mine and acquired at auction by Levi’s for $46,532, and the 1917 “Campbell” jeans.

Each pair of the jeans replicates its inspired design details, including the buckle back and suspender buttons of the Campbell style, as well as the carpenter fit of the Nevada.

While the Evisu line did not collaborate with Levi’s on the line, it raises the question of copyright infringement. But Evisu designers expressed that the collection was meant merely to use the Levi’s styles as inspiration, not as exact replicas. As Scott Morrison, Evisu’s CEO explained, “We’re not remaking a Levi’s jean, nor are we claiming that this is a Levi’s jean. We’re merely taking inspiration from our past and paying homage to one of the oldest, or historically relevant, jeans in existence, which in this case happens to have been an amazing pair of Levi’s. Denim has a wonderful story to tell and as denim designers you can’t help but find ideas for the future by looking in the past.”

The jeans will be available in limited quantities, 100 pairs of the Campbell will be available , retailing for $758. 250 pairs of the Nevada going for $558 and 500 of the 1944 selling for $358. They will be available for purchase in August at stores such as Barney’s and at evisu.com.

Article and images from WWD.com


  1. “We’re merely taking inspiration from our past”

    Exactly, their past is copying Levis. Even the placement of the logo, and the red tag.


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