Diesel Mintha Shorts

Diesel have brought out a brand new short this season which I have been waiting for! Mintha denim shorts! They are basically Matic jeans shorts; they have the same coin pocket and the same pockets on the back and all of the same features. They come in a few washes, 8B3 and 8XT which are in the gallery below and I have seen them in a purple and pinky colour as well.

Back in the summer last year (2009) I cut my own Matic 81M into shorts. Don’t worry, they were a back up pair, I still have a full length pair of Matic 81M, I could never cut up my only pair! I have included photos below of my own shorts but they are different because I cuffed them and obviously as they were skinny jeans before, the leg opening is tighter than what it will be on the Mintha shorts. But you can see they are pretty much identical other than that! I love them! I really hope I can get a pair soon so I can review them for our lovely DenimBlog readers. I think if I did get the Mintha shorts I would cuff them. So what do you think of these Matic style shorts?


  1. You would be a welcome addition to the “what diesel are you wearing today” thread.
    I mean…wow…

  2. I used to post in there a long time ago when I was a mod 🙂 My username is Lorna17, I think I joined the forum back in 2006 so you are welcome to look up my posts under that username 🙂

  3. I just checked out some of your old posts from the Matic superthread. Diesel Matic seems to have been made for you. I know so many women who cant pull matic off if they tried. Im impressed 😉

  4. Thank you 🙂 Matic used to be my favourite cut all those years ago, I still love it, but since I sort of grew up, I find they don’t fit me as well anymore lol! 81M is still my all time favourite Matic though, it’s amazing!